Customer Service Center

Your Facilities, Logistics and Maintenance Hotline (formerly Service Response Center)

10 Things to Know About Customer Service Center and BAMAREPAIR

  1. The Customer Service Center approved and routed more than 39,000 work requests to all shops across campus in the past 12 months.

  2. While the Customer Service Center is a part of Logistics and Support Services rather than Facilities, both departments report to Financial Affairs.  

  3. BAMAREPAIR gives faculty, staff and students another means to report work requests.

  4. Examples of times that BAMAREPAIR can be used include the following:
  • If you are walking across campus and notice an irrigation leak, you are encouraged to use BAMAREPAIR to inform the Customer Service Center of the issue. The staff will notify the correct Facilities shop to handle the repair. 
  • If you are enjoying an evening walking around campus and notice a streetlight, security light or a crosswalk sign not working, then text BAMAREPAIR. Customer Service Center staff will relay the information to the correct Facilities shop to handle the repair.
  1. Faculty, staff and students will continue to report work requests to each building representative as they have done in the past. BAMAREPAIR does not replace current building guidelines of reporting work requests. Everyone should continue to use the established guidelines for their building.

  2. Any text to BAMAREPAIR that the Customer Service Center receives will be forwarded to the appropriate building representative for them to verify and enter into the AiM system. Emergencies will be forwarded to the appropriate Facilities shop to be handled immediately, and the building representative will be notified of the issue.

  3. Any BAMAREPAIR texts that come in from 4:30 p.m. to 7:30 a.m., or on weekends, will be handled the next business day.

  4. If you notice an emergency repair at any time please contact your building representative, if your building representative is not available please call 348-6001 and the Customer Service Center will route the information to Facilities. The Customer Service Center is available 24/7, including weekends and holidays.

  5. To report campus repairs by text: SMS to 57595 with BAMAREPAIR as the first word, followed by the issue and location.

  6. Please remember, BAMAREPAIR does not replace your current building guidelines of reporting work requests to your building representative. Instead, it gives you another means of reporting repairs across campus when you do not know how to report a needed repair.